Font Vella enters esports through four team sponsorships

05 April 2019


Spanish mineral water brand Font Vella has entered esports through four sponsorship agreements.

Managed and developed by Play the Game Agency, Font Vella has sponsored MAD Lions E.C., Team Queso, x6tence, and Vodafone Giants.

Font Vella Esports
Photo credit: LVP

The aim of Font Vella’s entrance into esports is said to “represent good hydration habits among the gamer community.” The sponsorships will include the production of a new series of bottles with designs specific to each of the four teams.

Marcos Eguillor, Co-Founder & Chief Communications Officer at MAD Lions E.C. told Esports Insider: “Partnering with Font Vella means a lot to MAD Lions E.C. fostering our bet for a more professional esports scene. A proper hydration results in a better physical and intellectual performance. It also adds huge value to the audience, through relevant content and advise promoting healthy habits. Lastly, it is great news that a strongly positioned mass market FMCG brand enters the esports arena supporting clubs.”

A tweet from Liga Profesional de Videojuegos (LVP) also reveals that it has entered a deal with Font Vella, though details are yet to be revealed as to what it entails.

Claudia Billstein, Marketing Manager Spain for Danone Waters commented in a release: “We launched Font Vella Gamer with the aim of connecting with a new target, with its own language and interests. We have joined the esports to inspire on healthy habits and healthy hydration, for that we want to look for different, fun and inspiring experiences.”

On each of the customised, team-branded bottles there will be a guaranteed prize found through a code on the label. Among the prizes are exclusive visits to gaming houses inhabited by the teams.

Esports Insider says: Font Vella is evidently looking to appeal to a younger demographic in Spain and these deals could well help with that; the customisation of bottles may be enough to encourage some fans to buy them. We’re intrigued to see how the water brand will work with LVP moving forward throughout the year, too.