The ESI Podcast: Working with publishers as a tournament organiser

We’re delighted to release the second episode of the ESI Podcast, a four-part series in partnership with Mishcon de Reya. 

The first episode of the ESI Podcast, which can be found here, looked at the opportunity at the intersection between gambling and esports. 

The second episode, again featuring two industry leading guests, looks at how publishers and tournament organisers work together as well as the numerous challenges depending on the ultimate holder of the intellectual property. 

The podcast lineup is as follows:

  • Ollie Ring – Head of Media – Esports Insider (Host)
  • Mason Grove – Global Publisher and Developer Relationship Manager – ESL
  • Metaxas Nicolaides – Paralegal and Future Trainee Solicitor – Mishcon de Reya
  • Mike Bembenek – Director of Content / Executive Producer – FACEIT
  • Produced by Mark Mantle, Head of Events – Esports Insider

Throughout esports there’s several different approaches as to how publishers operate. There’s examples such as Blizzard and Riot who are very hands-on with franchised league approaches as we’ve seen with the Overwatch League and the LCS and LEC. 

As a result, third party tournament organisers are rarely involved in such broadcasts, apart from on a smaller, regional level. On the other hand, with games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, Valve have a much more laissez-faire approach in which a license is provided, but very little additional control is taken by the ultimate IP owner. 

Then there’s the mixed approach – taking Ubisoft as an example. The developer of Rainbow Six: Siege runs some of its bigger tournaments by itself, but has now opened a circuit of minors and majors which are being outsourced to various clients across the esports space.

Our podcast invites some of the brightest minds in esports to discuss just how they deal with different publishers, and the process that goes in to creating the tournaments that are eventually put on fans screens. 

The Esports Insider podcast in partnership with Mishcon de Reya will return in two weeks time, looking at players image rights in esports, and contrasting it to traditional sports. The guests will be from Rogue and Hashtag United.