This week in esports: Team Vitality, GumGum, aXiomatic, Rick Fox

26 April 2019


Team Vitality is building its own headquarters in Paris and Team Liquid’s parent company has secured even more capital. This week in esports has been interesting, to say the least, and we’ve rounded up the biggest stories for you.

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Team Vitality partners with HKS for new Paris HQ

Logo credits: Team Vitality & HKS

French organisation announced its partnership with HKS Sports and Entertainment, creating its very own esports facility in Paris.

The deal will result in a multi-use, flagship physical space for the organisation that will be built by the leading sports architecture firm.

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GumGum announces esports sponsorship management platform

GumGum image

Artificial intelligence-powered sponsorship measurement platform GumGum Sports unveiled its sponsorship management platform geared towards gaming and esports.

The product has been devised to allow teams to configure sponsorships during gameplay without impacting a livestream – removing the need to interrupt streams when sponsor placements are ran.

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aXiomatic secures $21.5m in latest funding round

Image Credit: aXiomatic

aXiomatic, the company behind Team Liquid, raised a further $21.5 million (£16.6 million) in funding from several undisclosed investors.

The details of the funding came through a SEC filing, showing that the company aimed to secure $25m (£19.3m) in the funding round. In 2018, aXiomatic secured over $50m (£38.6m) in two rounds.

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Echo Fox address reports of racist remarks by shareholder

Rick Fox Echo Fox
Rick Fox, Founder of Echo Fox. Photo credit: Riot Games.

Following from a report that claimed Rick Fox was set to leave Echo Fox, the organisation has given a statement that details the use of racial remarks.

A shareholder behind Echo Fox used a racial epithet towards both Fox and an individual outside of the organisation. An reported internal email sent by Fox claims that he’s looking for a quick exit from the brand and will move on the first deal that seems fair.

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