Rugby League World Cup 2021 search for esports partner

The Rugby League World Cup 2021 is set to launch their search for an esports partner.

Following two procurement workshop events, the RLWC2021 has announced their Request for Proposal on esports. The project it ‘key to the tournament’s extensive and ambitious digital targets’.

via RLWC2021

Speaking on the search for an esports partner, Jonathan Neill, the tournament’s Commercial Director, said: “The procurement launch and events this week have been really promising.

“Our esports RFP will be launched next month, and we’re looking forward to receiving creative proposals from the industry.

“We believe that strategically exploring esports could support our aim to transcend the sport and engage new audiences, so the right strategic partner to help us deliver this is crucial.”

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The aims of moving into esports are for the RLWC2021 to drive new audience engagement, innovation and inclusivity, and deliver impactful esports activity alongside RLWC2021’s existing digital strategy.

via RLWC2021

Jon Dutton, the tournament’s Chief Executive, added: “We have set out bold targets for this tournament, we want to make it the biggest, most digitally connected and most inclusive RLWC ever.

“The response we have had in the last two days has been fantastic, and I look forward to working with chosen suppliers and partners over the next two and a half years to deliver our vision.

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Last month the England and Wales Cricket Board and the World Rugby had both partnered with Strive to help get a better understanding of how they could utilise esports.

Esports Insider says: We’re seeing more and more sports looking at how they can use esports to open up new audiences. While the likelihood of a Rugby League esports scene taking off is very slim, using the Rugby League World Cup 2021’s massive stage to host other tournaments and games could work very well for them.

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