Women of Esports collaborates with Ateyo for content series

Global community and mentorship organisation, Women of Esports (WoE) has teamed up with esports apparel company, Ateyo.

The arrangement with Ateyo will see a fresh new content series published on WoE’s website that intends on giving viewers an inside look at “the industry’s most badass women”.

Saira Mueller, Founder, Women of Esports

The newest content titled, “A Day in the Life of”, will be a 12-part series each highlighting a specific woman in the esports industry. Each release will entail a reporter from WoE shadowing a woman through a day at their work to provide insights on their day-to-day and career path.

Founder of Women of Esports, Saira Mueller, spoke exclusively to  Esports Insider on how the partnership came about:

“Ateyo actually reached out to us a few months ago when we launched our GoFundMe to talk about [a] partnership. When they told us about the new women’s wear line, which was just released last week, we were really excited.

“They’re huge advocates of women in esports and with the founders, Rachel and Breanne, being women themselves, it felt like a natural alignment for partnership.”

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The first edition of the content series was released on the same day as the announcement and featured a day with Director of Youth Esports Education and Training at Cloud9, Susie Kim – which you can read here.

“I’m really excited for people to get to know these women in a way they wouldn’t usually,” said Saira, adding: “They’re all amazing and so good at what they do. They’re an inspiration both to me personally and for women everywhere.

“Being able to tell more of their stories and show how hard they work is a privilege, and we’re very thankful to Ateyo for helping us make it happen.”

Esports Insider says: The timing couldn’t have been better for Ateyo to team up with Women of Esports after releasing its latest line of women’s wear just last week. The introductory piece gives us a small taste for the flavour of the content we’ll be seeing from this partnership, and we’re thrilled to see what follows.