EPICENTER Major names SAP as its official analytics partner

EPICENTER Major has announced a partnership with SAP, which will see them collect in-game data and statistics throughout the tournament. 

SAP will collect and display in-game figures such as net worth and patch records in real time, connecting them to esports tournament broadcasts. This will allow fans, observers and broadcasters to analyse full data from every game. 

“With 117 different heroes with completely different abilities, there are thousands of different constellations that make sure that no two Dota games are the same,” commented, Milan Cerny, Partner Manager and Innovation lead at SAP. “At the EPICENTER Major, we continue to provide value to fans of the Dota Pro Circuit by putting context to in-game data analysis and enhance the experience during all phases of each game.”

SAP has developed a cloud-based analytics solution based on their SAP HANA platform, allowing esports athletes to review their opponents’ in-game strategies, picks and bans, players’ hero win ratios, much faster and more effectively.

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Streamlining replay review processes is another function of SAP esports application. SAP managed to automate a previously time-consuming process thanks to its data-handling framework. Team Liquid was the first team to utilise the esports analytical platform when they signed a deal in 2018. 

Alexander Kim, ESforce Holding Commercial Director, added “It is difficult to imagine modern professional football, basketball or hockey without nuanced and detailed statistical analysis. Correct information processing is often key to great achievements and genius coaching decisions. Products offered by SAP to esports will not only increase broadcast quality for the viewers of our major tournaments but also elevate esports industry to a completely new professional level.”

Taking place from 22th to 30 June, The EPICENTER Major will be the last Major of the 2018/2019 Dota Pro Circuit. Sixteen Dota 2 teams will go head-to-head for a share of the $1 million prize pool, DPC points and qualification for The International 2019. 

Esports Insider says: SAP has made a real emergence within the esports scene over the last year. With teams always looking for ways to be ahead of the game, SAP’s ability to provide accurate in-game data has become key. The enhanced tournament viewing experience also helps viewers to understand the game on a deeper level.