eUnited partners with Respawn By Razer

North American esports organisation eUnited has partnered with Respawn By Razer, a new energy drink launched by the gaming hardware company.

The deal involves activations and will see Respawn By Razer act as the headline sponsor of an unannounced content series.

eUnited Respawn By Razer
Photo credit: eUnited

John DeHart, Media Director at eUnited commented on the deal: “We are super excited to bring RESPAWN into the fold here at eUnited. We are very selective and particular when it comes to product sponsorships, but RESPAWN and the RAZER team have crossed every T and dotted every I when it comes to their new product. You can expect to see some really cool activations between eUnited and Respawn in the coming months, involving both our professional players and content creators!”

eUnited is also partnered with Elgato, ASTRO Gaming, and ULT. The organisation currently fields players in Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Matthew “Burns” Potthoff, General Manager of eUnited added: “When I first spoke with Respawn, I was blown away by their mission for gamers and the benefits of drinking it. After trying Respawn, I knew we had to work hard to close a deal because it was that good of a product. Feeling focused without crashing is the biggest benefit for me. Looking forward to the future with Respawn.”

Esports Insider says: eUnited is the only organisation to currently be partnered with Razer’s new drink, joining only a bunch of personalities. Energy drink sponsorships and partnerships aren’t anything new in this industry so we’re unsure if we’ll see anything new from this but we’ll wait and see.

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