Gen.G partner with Elite Open School for Gen.G Elite Esports Academy

Korean esports organisation Gen.G has announced a new partnership with Elite Open School, a global education company. As part of the partnership, the two will open a professional esports academy Gen.G Elite Esports Academy‘ in Korea.

With the partnership, Elite Open School and Gen.G plan to have esports training system and academic programs available from its Seoul HQ by winter 2019.

Gen.G Elite Esports Academy will have a full training curriculum aimed to foster esports players with academic degrees compatible with the U.S. academic standards so those on the course are set up with the correct skills. All courses will be taught in English in order to allow students to compete on an international level.

The courses will also have volumes focused on League of Legends and Overwatch to allow students to establish careers in two of the most popular esports titles. Students will also receive lectures from esports professionals, alongside various other esports and game industry professionals in fields like animation, coding, and broadcasting production. They can further choose to take optional courses such as Korean language, history, and literature.

Chris Park, CEO, Gen.G Esports, had this to say about the partnership: I am pleased to teach our students under a systematic academic program from the academy and help teenagers find solutions for their concerns on their career path to esports, thereby helping them position themselves as the leader in the esports industry. We will put our best efforts in leading applicants through systematic education and training to attract talented individuals to the esports industry.

During vacation periods, students will also have the opportunity to participate in a league hosted by NASEF, the North American esports union alongside a U.S. esports camp.

Steven Park, Executive Vice President of Elite Open School, added: “I believe that Gen.G Elite Esports Academy is the best opportunity for Korean teenagers to take centre stage in the global esports league. I am glad to execute this business with CEO Chris Park who has had a top-class education. I believe that Chris Parks career path will be a great of help to the success of this project and we will do our best to establish the academy and foster young teenager talents with him.

Gen.G will launch its first set of courses in Korea, however, they will expand to six countries where Elite Open School currently operates. 25 students will be chosen for the first round with applications opening on July 1st.

Esports Insider says: Educating the next generation to be esports ready is clearly an important priority for those in the industry, Gen.G and Elite Open School are clearly trying to start off early by launching these academies. With the first due to open in late 2019, we’re only a few months away from seeing how this venture pans out.