R+V Verischerung becomes official partner of DACH Premier Tour

German insurance company R+V Versicherung recently announced an expansion of its involvement with the DACH League of Legends scene, and have become an official partner of the Premier Tour 2019 Summer Season.

The Premier Tour serves as the top regional league for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with the top two competitors qualifying for EU Masters.

Image Credit: Summoner’s Inn

The partnership will see R+V Verischerung’s become the league’s official supplier, and the subsequent launch of several exclusive events, activations and competitions, as well as League of Legends skin giveaways. The company has expressed its desire to heavily engage with the German-speaking community. The new partnership comes as the Premier Tour reportedly looks to move to a league format next year as opposed to its current tournament structure.

At the beginning of this year, R+V became the primary sponsor of League of Legends European Championship (LEC) team FC Schalke 04, which is owned by the German football club of the same name. Jens Hasselbächer, Chief Sales Officer of R+V Versicherung was excited to get further involved in the German-speaking scene, commenting that “The partnership with the Premier Tour is the next big step for us to extend our involvement in German-speaking esports and the professional tournament landscape. As a co-operative insurer, R+V Insurance stands for a strong community and as part of the Premier Tour we can combine these values ​​with our esports activities. The interaction with the passionate German-speaking community will be an important focus for us as part of this partnership.”

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Marco Niemann, Global Head of New Business & Strategy at Freaks 4U Gaming also expressed his confidence in the move, “With R+V Versicherung, we can welcome a strong partner who, in particular, capitalizes on the topic of community and therefore fits perfectly with our requirements for the Premier Tour. R+V Versicherung underscores its involvement in the German-speaking esports and will also involve the community through exciting events and campaigns.”

Esports Insider says: It’s great to see R+V get involved with the regional German-speaking league, and it makes sense considering their partnership with Schalke. Germany is where the LEC magic happens, I’m surprised the DACH scene doesn’t attract as much sponsor and partner attention as some of the other European regional leagues so this is a positive step towards building something bigger for up and coming DACH players and organisations.