Team SoloMid partners with Venmo

North American organisation Team SoloMid has partnered with PayPal-owned mobile payment service Venmo.

The deal has been made in an effort to help fans of Team SoloMid get closer to its players and personalities.

Team SoloMid Venmo
Image credit: Team SoloMid

A source close to the deal told Esports Insider that the first activation for the partnership will be with popular Fortnite player and content creator Ali “Myth” Kabbani. Fdans will be able to play with Myth live on his stream while he gives away $20,000 through Venmo (£15,743.90).

An announcement of the partnership reads: “We’re excited to announce that we’ll be teaming up with Venmo to bring you guys exclusive experiences and chances to interact with your favorite pros like never before!”

More details on the deal between Team SoloMid and Venmo will be disclosed over the coming weeks and months.

The organisation is also partnered with Logitech G, Lenovo Legion, HTC VIVE, Twitch, GEICO, Dr Pepper, and Grubhub. It currently fields competitors in League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros., Rocket League, Apex Legends, and Magic: The Gathering.

This deal appears similar in nature to that between 100 Thieves and Cash App. Earlier this year, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, CEO and Founder of 100 Thieves gave away money via the application before the partnership was known to the public.

Esports Insider says: It’s hard to judge the partnership without knowing the actual deals but just giving out thousands of dollars doesn’t seem like the most effective promotion strategy. We’d like to believe that both parties are smarter than that, however, so we’ll wait and see what transpires.