Team Vitality announces residency at Stade de France

French esports organisation Team Vitality has named Stade de France as the location for its new residence. 

Image Credit: Team Vitality 

“The Stade de France has always been the arena for premieres. Born as a worldwide champion in 1998, the Stade de France is very special and have a unique place in French hearts and proudly bears the name of their nation. It is the home of our National Blue teams whether they are rugby or football players, The Stade de France is also the place for extraordinary events, welcoming the biggest international shows.” said, Alexandra Boutelier, Stade de France CEO. “For all those reasons Stade de France is proud to be associated with the most prestigious national esport franchise, Team Vitality, to open, once again, a new path. History starts again as it continues..”

Opening next fall, Stade de France will host Team Vitality’s brand new training and high-performance centre. The centre will be the permanent residence of two Vitality teams, however, all Vitality players will get access to its mental and physical coaches and training facilities.

Fabien Devide, Team Vitality Executive President and Co-Founder, added: “Our generation witnessed the birth and the advent of the Stade de France as a historical site. My memories are those of a child dreaming of stepping the grass, a child who saw France win the 1998 World Cup final at home and which hosted spectacular and unique concerts. Today, it is both humble and proud that we join the Stade de France to continue to write history and inspire future generations.” 

In May, Team Vitality announced the addition of four senior staff to bolster its ranks. The staff members included Sylvain Maillard as Operation Venue Manager, Sonia Manueco as Chief Financial Officer, Julien Dupont as Head of Partnerships and Florent ‘ElChikito’ Gutierrez as Chief Marketing Office. The announcement followed the news that Team Vitality will be launching a high-tech HQ in Paris in partnership with HKS Inc

Esports Insider says: Another big announcement from Vitality! It’s clear that the organisation is committed to keeping its teams and operations in its native France. We look forward to seeing what kind of space they put together when it opens next year.