Epic Games to launch Fortnite Championship Series in Season 10

Epic Games has announced that the Fortnite Championship Series will be introduced in its upcoming Season 10 update.

The newest competitive initiative was teased on stage prior to the conclusion of this past weekend’s Fortnite World Cup. The Fortnite Championship Series announcement was promised to offer “a chance to compete against the best of the best where every single result matters.”

Image credit: Fortnite

The allusion to the importance of each result is likely aimed towards frequent criticism around Fortnite’s current competitive infrastructure which presents somewhat meaningless qualifiers for key tournaments. The announcement made it clear that millions of dollars will be up for grabs over the course of the inaugural season, but the format is unknown at the time of writing.

More information is projected to be forthcoming on August 1st based off a teaser from the official Fortnite Twitter account. The teaser suggests a potentially-retro update in Season 10 in the form of a cryptic message stating “Think Back” while illustrating Dusty Depot – an in-game area of Fortnite which was ridded early on in V.4.0 update.

The Fortnite Championship Series comes as the first major initiative since the hiring of Nate Nanzer, the former Commissioner of Overwatch League, who is now at the helm of Fortnite’s esports efforts at Epic Games.

Esports Insider says: Fortnite’s competitive efforts have amassed a great deal of criticism since it all began. Both players and fans can only hope that the Fortnite Championship Series will furnish a true competitive battleground upon its release, valuing competitive integrity while still capitalising on the universal attraction of the title.