Method partners with TaKeTV for Race to World First: The Eternal Palace

British esports organisation Method has announced plans to stream its world first race in the newest World of Warcraft raid, The Eternal Palace.

Race to World First: The Eternal Palace will be hosted in partnership with TaKeTV from July 16th in Germany.

Method announced that the stream will be up 24/7, with other raids being broadcast alongside the main stream. This includes AlphaJi Tian HongSkyline, Aversion, From Scratchvodkaz, and Big Dumb Guild.

Method will take nine of its raiding team to Germany, including DPS Gingi, Perfecto, Meeres, Cayna and healer Zaelia, with three mystery raiders announced in the next week. This race will also act as the return of one of Method’s most famous raiders, Rogerbrown. The raiders will also be joined by a slew of casters and community figures, such as:

  • Mike “Preach” Lamb
  • Adam “Finalboss” Knych
  • JB “Jdotb” Daniel
  • Peyton “Tettles” Tettleton
  • Martin “Treckie” Meiner
  • Daniel Falcone
  • Martin “MartinCreek” Bäcklund
  • Wes “Moofzy” Jensen
  • Darren “Bookmark” Price
  • Sophia “Djarii” White
  • Shanna “Darrie” Sarr
  • Alan “Hotted” Widmann

Scott McMillan, Co-owner & Co-founder of Method discussed the event in an announcement: “Through the trials and tribulations of organising the RWF event I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that we will be working alongside TakeTV, well known for their community events within Blizzard games… Almost half the Method guild will be on location, including most of the MDI EU team. We will have some surprises for you in the next few days regarding the last 3 mystery raid members that will be at the studio!”

Previous raids have seen a large number of Method team members and community favourites in attendance. The first event was held in a small space at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London, whereas the launch of the second raid of BFA, Battle of Dazar’alor, saw Method and Red Bull ramp up production with the stream playing host to more casters and ending each evening with a segment to talk about the day’s events.

Esports Insider says: The world first race is an important event for the WoW community, it’s the talk of forums and Reddit throughout the entire event. It’s great to see Method continuing its efforts to stream the event and see more guilds getting involved and streaming their points of view.