PENTA Sports partners with Cyberport for its performance centre

Berlin-based organisation PENTA Sports has announced a new partnership with e-commerce company Cyberport to make it the official supplier and main sponsor of its PENTA Performance Center.

As part of the deal, Cyberport will supply the centre with gaming equipment, such as gaming PCs and monitors from Acer.

PENTA Sports Cyberport
Image credits: PENTA Sports

Andreas Schaetzke, Managing Director at PENTA Sports commented on the deal: “With Cyberport, we welcome a new partner at our side. We look forward to the partnership and are proud, thanks to Cyberport, to own one of the most modern performance centers in Europe. With high-quality gaming computers from Acer, we offer the best of the best to the local teams.”

The partnership will also see Cyberport’s logo feature on all of PENTA Sports’ team jerseys, including those worn by PENTA 1860. The organisation will have a presence within Cyberport’s stores and online store.

Simon Frank, Marketing Director at Cyberport had this to say on the partnership: “Esports is a rapidly growing market. With PENTA, we have created a strong partners at our side in Germany to further expand our market position in the gaming sector. With the Esport Performance Centre in Berlin, strong teams and a good vision, PENTA is the ideal partner for us and we are looking forward to an exciting future full of confidence and anticipation”.

The organisation holds partnerships with sunmaker, Hörluchs, AverMedia, Infront, insurninja, MMmedia, FOM Hochschule, TeamSpeak, Ranieri Communications, and 20th Century Fox.

Esports Insider says: The German organisation has always had a keen eye on its local scene so this partnership seems as if it will help to strengthen that bond. The inclusion of PENTA in Cyberport stores will be a big step up for the organisation – we’ve seen similar deals with Astralis in the Nordic region in the past.