WePlay! Esports announces Dota Underlords open tournament

WePlay! Esports has announced its first open tournament for Valve’s new ‘Auto-Battler’ Dota Underlords with a $15,000 prize pool on the line.

The online tournament will feature an Open Qualifier in North America and Europe, with the final event taking place between August 1st–4th.

Image Credit – WePlay!

The tournament will see North America and Europe host an open qualifier each, taking place the week prior to the main event (July 27th–28th). Specific times for the events have not yet been provided, however, WePlay! Esports said in its announcement that the times would be convenient for participants in those regions.

The open tournaments will see participants play three games, scoring points based on their final standing in each game. Once the three games have been played, the top four players will move onto the next round. This process will continue until only eight players remain from each region. Once the final sixteen players are locked in, they’ll move onto the final stage, taking place the following weekend.

WePlay! Also announced the prize pool distribution, with the top four players taking home a share.

● 1s​t​ place: $8,000
● 2n​d​ place: $4,000
● 3r​d​ place: $2,000
● 4t​h​ place: $1,000

WePlay! Will also announce the event’s talent in the coming weeks, alongside further details and event concepts.

Formed in 2012, WePlay! Esports is a producer of online tournaments and LAN finals, with a number of events held at its in-house studio whilst hosting a number of other online events on its Twitch channel.

WePlay!’s Dota Underlords open comes fresh off the press as ESL announced they’d also be hosting an event during its ESL One Hamburg event in October 2019. Not to be outdone, Riot Games announced its own event for its take on the genre with a partnership with Twitch for a Teamfight Tactics tournament.

Esports Insider says: It has become very clear in the past fortnight that this new esport genre, the ‘Auto-battler’, is ramping up. We’ve seen Valve, Riot Games, Tencent and the original Dota 2 mod maker releasing games. What WePlay! is doing with its event is making it open to anyone online, other efforts so far have been either invite only or hosted inside another event.