Astralis Group launches FIFA brand Future FC

22 August 2019


Astralis Group, the newly-formed company that spawned out of RFRSH Entertainment, has launched a new brand called Future FC.

Future FC, one of three brands that’s housed under the group, will focus solely on FIFA.

Future FC Launched
Image credit: Future FC

Alongside the announcement of its launch, Future FC has unveiled its first competitor. Fatih Üstün will sign with the brand on October 1st once he has departed from Mesut Özil’s M10.

Nikolaj Nyholm, Co-founder of CEO in Astralis Group commented in a release: “Astralis is a great story in itself both as a business and as a brand and together with our League of Legends organization in Origen, Astralis Group stands on very solid ground when taking the next steps. Our ambition is to reach a much broader audience with our teams and FIFA is obviously a great platform for building that bridge, the co-founder comments.

“We now have three top teams and ultimately we also expect to bring in young talent, we will help develop into top players and brands. With Astralis Group we have established a platform from where we can contribute to and lead the development of international esports.”

Astralis Group was founded when RFRSH Entertainment split its teams from its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive circuit BLAST Pro Series. Danish CS:GO brand Astralis and LEC franchise Origen moved under the new group as part of the separation.

Esports Insider says: It’s about time that Astralis Group was formed – if everything that has been said is indeed genuine, at least. Astralis and Origen are big brands in their own right and it’s going to take a lot of work and time for Future FC to grow to a comparative size. We can’t say we expected FIFA to be an expansion title for the group but we’ll keep an eye on the brand’s development over the coming months.