Dr. Nicolas Gaede & Ulrik Ruhnau launch consultancy firm CSIGHT

15 August 2019


Dr. Nicolas Gaede, former Senior Vice President of Esports at Lagardère Sports & Entertainment, has formed his own sports business consultancy firm, CSIGHT.

Though the company will primarily operate within the world of sports business, it will also be active in the esports industry.

Photo credit: CSIGHT

CSIGHT believes it can provide value for rights holders – whether that be teams, publishers, event organisers, or players – as well as brands, service providers, and potential investors. The firm will provide services that include brand positioning, strategic decision-making, senior advisory for marketing and sales, sales concepts and operations, and product packaging and pricing.

With Gaede’s experience in both sports and esports, alongside partner Ulrik Ruhnau’s expertise in stadium and arena management, CSIGHT has a strong network in European sports and over 15 years of experience in business development and operations.

Gaede commented on why his CSIGHT is necessary in the marketplace: “The sports industry is facing the most fundamental change and transformation in its history. You can’t counter that with small-scale, operative actionism. What you need is a holistic strategy that provides consistent orientation in these turbulent times and reduces complexity for decision-makers by putting parentheses around the many fragmented individual topics they face on a daily basis. At present, we do not see the sports industry well positioned for this. Most of the stakeholders are lacking strategic focus, dedication, and competence.”

Esports Insider says: Lagardère Sports & Entertainment made some major moves in esports while Gaede was working there, so it’s pretty evident that he understands the industry and its merits. While it’s hard to say exactly how much involvement CSIGHT will have in esports, we’re intrigued to see what the firm gets up to now the ball is rolling.