Community-focused events company Player Omega launches

20 August 2019


Player Omega has announced its very first esports event, taking place at Fairplex in Pomona, California on November 9-10th.

The company plans to expand to host events in 10 different cities in 2020 and 20 in 2021.

Player Omega
Image credit: Player Omega

Jon Bukosky, CEO of Player Omega discussed the venture in a release: “Player Omega is not another passive event for you to go watch other people do something special –– it’s your turn to seize your moment and be the hero. This is a live event like nothing before and you’ll be participating as part of your own community.”

Player Omega describes itself as “fully participatory,” utilising community-focused qualities found at local LAN events and blowing it up to a scale seen in major esports tournaments and music tours. It aims to provide a ‘path to pro’ for amateur gamers through open-bracket tournaments and will also feature cosplay, panel discussions, live music, and art at each event.

Kevin Lyman, President of Player Omega also commented: “There are gamers outside the major metro areas and Player Omega wants to make sure it’s their turn for the big event. Some of the best esports competitors come from overlooked places. Player Omega wants to help assure nobody is passed over again and build champions from local communities.”

Han Park, former President of ESL is advising Player Omega and John Greenberg is on board as its COO, joining Bukosky and Lyman.

Esports Insider says: Player Omega doesn’t sound like a completely unique venture in esports but it has a chance of improving upon the current experience provided by its competitors. The people behind the venture are experienced and there’s already a formula to work with so we’re interested to see how the first event goes in November.