DreamHack extends Elmia partnership for Summer & Winter events

Event organiser DreamHack has extended its partnership with venue Elmia to keep its Summer and Winter events in Jönköping, Sweden through 2022.

The venue, which is owned by the Municipality of Jönköping, played host to the first ever DreamHack festival in 2002.

Photo credit: DreamHack

Marcus Lindmark, Co-CEO of DreamHack discussed the extension in a release: “It feels great to have come to an agreement with Elmia, ensuring that DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter festivals stay where they belong over the coming years. The people of Elmia, and all of Jönköping have always been great partners, welcoming gamers from all over the world to their city and supporting us as best they can, in whatever way they can.”

Jönköping’s esports credentials have been further secured in the past year with the opening of its very own esports bar when Kappa Bar opened its doors in April of 2018. The release states that while the city is the smallest in the company’s circuit, the audience and history it has makes an extension worthwhile.

Lotta Frenssen, CEO of Elmia also commented: “Now that we’ve secured at least six more DreamHack festivals at Elmia, we can continue to focus on the rapid development and proliferation of esports, while also bringing value to other parties and events at Elmia. The security that Jönköping represents for parents is an important reason for DreamHack’s choice of city and arena — because there are parents who, perhaps for the first time, are letting their children leave home to spend a few days sharing their interest and passion for esports with peers.”

Esports Insider says: DreamHack Summer & Winter are truly an event to behold for locals and those visiting alike. The event is a key part of the calendar for the city of Jönköping so seeing the partnership extended, bringing with it more esports to the city is great news.