Esports Integrity Coalition rebrands to Esports Integrity Commission

17 September 2019


Esports Integrity Coalition has rebranded to Esports Integrity Commission, as announced during ESI London.

The not-for-profit association has changed its identity to “more meaningfully target the integrity needs of the esports industry.”

Esports Integrity Commission rebrand
Logo credit: Esports Integrity Commission

Ian Smith, Commissioner of Esports Integrity Commission discussed the rebrand: “I am really proud that we have reached the point where a rebrand helps us evolve at the same speed as the esports industry is evolving. We have been around for four years and the growth in the industry has been phenomenal and I am pleased that it has been the same with us. I look forward to the increased professionalisation of both ESIC and the esports industry. I am particularly looking forward to announcing our new chairman in the coming weeks.”

Though the identity of the association has changed, its mission remains intact. In fact, it’s now looking for the buy-in of industry stakeholders that want to improve its sustainability.

Stephen Hanna, Director of Global Strategy and Partnerships at Esports Integrity Commission added: “As the foremost integrity body in esports, it is the responsibility of ESIC to deliver integrity beyond its initial coalition of members and to the broader esports industry. This move reinforces ESIC’s desire to serve the broader industry’s changing needs. Alongside this rebrand, we will be announcing several new initiatives which will bring integrity to a variety of new esports stakeholders.”

Esports Insider says: We hope that ESIC rebranding to ESIC doesn’t confuse too many people! On a serious note, the association is fighting the good fight in esports and we hope it does indeed get backed by industry stakeholders. 

Disclaimer: Esports Insider is an official media partner of Esports Integrity Commission.