MonteCristo, Bryce Blum launch Theorycraft advisory agency

24 September 2019


Theorycraft is a new esports consulting and client services agency, founded by esports veterans Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, Bryce Blum, and Lauren Gaba Flanagan. Its creative director is Nathen McVitte.

The agency will provide guidance to teams, sponsors, and other esports entities in building or growing a brand. It will also consult on influencers, events, media rights, digital content, and merchandising.

Image credit: Theorycraft

MonteCristo has been casting esports since 2012 but also has worked as a writer, analyst, and as a coach, Blum founded esports law company ESG Law and is the president of Esports BAR, and Flanagan is a freelance creative strategist who previously worked at United Entertainment Group and Creative Entertainment Agency. McVittie is a freelance art director who has worked with likes of Nike, Disney, and Audi.

Blum spoke to ESPN about the venture:  “We wound up in this conflict of circumstances where we had a bunch of different people who were independently doing consulting work in the space, all of whom have related to different core competencies. All four of us were independently doing work in and around the space, and we just all came together, got to know each other and realized there was an opportunity here to create something where the sum of all of us together was much better than the us all standing alone.”

Esports Insider says: The number of consulting agencies is quickly increasing in esports, exacerbating the strong competition between them. This new agency, however, is carried by big names that already command a lot of respect from their peers and others in the industry. Best of luck to Theorycraft!

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