Player Omega enters partnership with Super League Gaming

Esports tour Player Omega has announced a partnership with amateur tournament organiser Super League Gaming.

The two parties will co-host monthly local tournaments in the United States, starting in 2020. The partnership will kick off with Player Omega’s first event on November 9-10th, in which Super League Gaming will participate.

Player Omega Super League Gaming
Logo credits: Player Omega, Super League Gaming

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The co-hosted monthly tournaments will be focused on developing local competitive scenes, prioritising player growth outside of major cities.

Player Omega has confirmed that, in 2020, it will host events in Minneapolis, Niagara Falls, New York, Norwich, Connecticut, Salt Lake City, and Philadelphia. 10 stops are expected to be made in total throughout the year, with more destinations to be announced.

Jon Bukosky, CEO of Player Omega commented in a release: “Player Omega is about bringing something special, something big and exciting to players and organizers who haven’t had local experiences like this. Working with Super League offers us a chance to continue the celebration of esports well after the tour stop ends, ensuring we’re making a lasting impact in each community.”

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Player Omega launched in August. Its first tournament will take place in California on November 9-10th, in which Super League Gaming will participate with programs for League of Legends, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Then, the company expects to host tournaments in 10 different cities in 2020 and double the number in 2021. Super League Gaming has already partnered with the likes of NetLevel, Topgolf, and Metarama.

Matt Edelman, CCO of Super League Gaming added: “It is inspiring to see Player Omega step up and address the unmet demand for large-scale esports events in cities across the country where fans generally are relegated to digital spectating. Through this partnership, Super League will be part of signature experiences that energize local gamer communities and then we will carry the torch on a grassroots level, consistently celebrating players who often are overlooked due to location yet contribute mightily to the amazing growth in gaming and esports.”

Esports Insider says: Local esports scenes outside of major cities often lack opportunities due to a shortage of events. This partnership is an interesting answer for those areas in the US, we’ll watch closely as to how it all pans out moving forward.

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