Sources: PUBG Corp. cancels revenue share items for Global Championship

17 October 2019


PUBG Corp. is set to announce a cancellation to in-game team-branded items for those set to compete in its PUBG Global Championship.

An email obtained by Esports Insider states that the revenue-sharing items have been cancelled due to “challenges and concerns” from its Premium Dev Unit (PDU).

PUBG Global Championship Revenue Share
Image credit: PUBG Corp.

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The email explains that the decision is “due to the development process and the inability to ensure a high enough quality skin to represent your organization in PUBG.” The branded items would have seen 25 percent of revenue generated from team-branded sales allocated to the teams themselves. The announcement will be made on October 17th at 6:00 AM PT (2:00 PM BST), with an email already being sent to inform those who have qualified for the championship.

Instead of including team-branded items, PUBG Corp. has decided to make 12 PGC-branded items available for purchase instead. 25 percent of the revenue from these items will be added to the prize pool for the event, which kicks off on November 8th.

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Having a revenue share format was an important aspect of the new esports initiative for many organisations, according to multiple sources who wish to remain anonymous. It was described as a “year-long promise” by one team owner. As a result of the tough climate in PUBG esports, Spacestation Gaming – a brand that had been present in the title for quite some time – announced that it would be exiting on October 15th.

PUBG Global Championship is the culmination of the inaugural PUBG esports season, which included six regional leagues and three regional competitive circuits. 32 teams from across these regions were set to receive team-branded items for the championship.

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