The Washington Post launches esports-dedicated coverage

14 October 2019


American news publication The Washington Post has announced its gaming and esports coverage section, in collaboration with GIECO.

Dubbed “Launcher,” the dedicated news section will cover “video gaming, esports competitions and gaming culture” starting on October 15th.

The Washington Post Launcher
Image credit: The Washington Post

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Sponsored exclusively by GEICO, the impending news destination will “feature insightful analysis into the people, companies, teams and trends” that encompass the gaming and esports industries.

An outline of Launcher’s coverage map hints towards covering all of gaming at large; taking sight at top leagues and tournaments, but also making mention of game and streaming tips “for titles ranging from Fortnite to Zelda.” Launcher will also report on gameplay tweaks and updates for popular titles while spotlighting up-and-coming indie offerings. The gaming portal will boast a “visually unique presentation” as well its own website, Twitter, and Instagram handles.

Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, Managing Editor of The Washington Post spoke on the importance of the company’s new initiative: “Gaming has become deeply ingrained in our social fabric, significantly impacting industries across sports, tech, business and pop culture, and we are uniquely positioned to cover this burgeoning industry. With Launcher, a dedicated team will look at all aspects of gaming, appealing to the casual player and avid esports fan alike.”

The release referenced the members of Launcher’s team who will be heading the project, making mention of reporters and video producers – again, giving more of a sense in regards to the flavour of coverage we can expect to see. The Launcher team, illustrated in full here, outlines previous experience from its members at companies such as ESPN, Polygon, and Game Informer.

Esports Insider says: It’s a big win for the esports industry anytime a recognizable name announces its intent to be apart of the budding space. As a key player in American news, it’ll be interesting to see how The Washington Post plans to attack the coverage of esports and gaming.

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