Helix eSports Center to open in Patriot Place

Kraft Sports & Entertainment, Patriot Place, and Helix eSports have joined forces to announce esports complex Helix eSports Center, which will be located in Patriot Place.

The 18,000 square foot venue will act as the training facility for Overwatch League franchise Boston Uprising and is set to open in January next year.

Helix eSports Center Patriot Place
Photo credit: Helix eSports Center

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Jen Ferron, Chief Marketing Officer for Kraft Sports & Entertainment discussed the complex in a release: “With the Uprising’s move to Boston, we wanted to provide the team with a first-class practice facility and give our fans unprecedented access to their home team. This new partnership with Helix eSports will accomplish both of these goals by providing our fans with access to our team and players through onsite events and appearances, while allowing the Uprising to practice from a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Patriot Place.”

The Helix eSports Center features a practice facility for the Boston-based franchise and over 100 gaming stations equipped with gaming PCs and peripherals – along with over 30 games consoles that will be available for use daily by the public.

The complex will have a heavy emphasis on education too, offering school and recreational esports leagues, educational programs, workshops for middle and high-school students, and a curriculum for esports industry certification.

Boston Uprising Helix eSports Center
Image credit: Helix eSports Center

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Murphy Vandervelde, CEO of Helix eSports added: “Helix eSports could not be more excited to announce our new gaming center at Patriot Place and our partnership with the Boston Uprising. We believe that physical gaming centers will accelerate the proliferation of esports competition for gamers from all walks of life.

“Our mission at Helix eSports is to build the infrastructure beneath the professional scene to create a more transparent path to a career in esports and related industries. By providing a center with uniform, high-end gaming equipment, we can level the playing field from a gear and infrastructure perspective, providing greater access to esports for everyone.”

Esports Insider says: The opening of such a large facility in Patriot Place has the potential to educate the locals when it comes to esports and gaming, which is obviously what we all want! More and more facilities are being announced – seemingly by the week – but what we really want to hear is that they’re proving to be profitable in the not-so-distant future.