Stay Campus London launches talent programme with TobiWan

London-based English language course provider Stay Campus London has launched an esports talent programme aimed at helping students enter the industry.

The course will cover image, scripting, rhythm media, creative, and vocals. Registration for the course is now open, with esports commentator Toby “TobiWan” Dawson sharing his experience with the students.

Stay Campus London TobiWan
Logo credit: Stay Campus London

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Mariana Ulanowicz, Director at Stay Campus London commented on the programme in a release: “Our mission at Stay Campus London is to change students’ idea of studying languages, helping their personal, academic and professional growth. Esports is a digital phenomenon growing into a billion-dollar industry by 2019, captivating millions of youths worldwide today.

“Our goal is to deliver an unforgettable experience for students worldwide presenting them with the opportunity for new cultural discovery, English improvement and equipping them with the best skills for their onward esports journey.”

The programme will consist of 20 hours of esports talent, providing students with practical exercises, with an optional further 15 hours available. The course aims to give students an idea of what it takes to be a world-class talent within esports – both on and off the camera.

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TobiWan also shared his thoughts on the course: “This is a unique programme sharing my 15 years of professional experience which presents students with exciting career paths in esports most people wouldn’t know existed or the skills required to be successful.”

Esports Insider says: As esports continues to grow, more people will look to the industry as a place to form a career. With not everyone able to make it from bedroom caster to a world-renowned talent, courses such as this offer those seeking a way into the industry a foundation to build upon. With the course led by TobiWan, students should learn vital skills and practical techniques to move forward with.