Team Flash takes flight with VietJet sponsorship

Southeast Asian organisation Team Flash has announced a sponsorship agreement with international airline VietJet.

VietJet will be the official and exclusive airline partner of Team Flash at both domestic and international tournaments. The parties will also work together to develop Vietnamese talent.

Team Flash VietJet
Image credit: Team Flash

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Jay L Lingeswara, Deputy Commercial Director of VietJet discussed the deal in a release: “Vietjet has gained popularity in Vietnam and internationally for always pioneering in consumer innovation on e-commerce platforms. We are delighted to partner with a high-potential startup in Team Flash and create favourable conditions for their players to showcase the talents of Asian youths in international competition.”

Team Flash was originally based in Signapore but has invested in Vietnamese esports since early 2018. It recently became the world champion at the Arena of Valor World Cup, representing Vietnam.

Terence Ting, CEO of Team Flash added: “We’re very proud of our Vietnamese teams and excited for this sponsorship, which we feel is a great step forward both for Team Flash and the overall status of esports in Vietnam. I believe every company should be looking to esports as a genuine opportunity to gain brand affinity with the next generation.”

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Team Flash fields competitors in Arena of Valor, League of Legends, FIFA Online, and PUBG Mobile. The team is represented in Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia.

In August 2019, Team Flash raised $1.5 million (£1.24 million) in its seed round. The funding round was led by Singapore-based Octava.

Esports Insider says: After the team’s success in Arena of Valor and its recent funding round, the sky’s the limit for Team Flash. With investment into its future and partners looking to bolster that, we’d speculate that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Team Flash in the future.