Evil Geniuses unveils organisational rebrand

13 December 2019


North American organisation Evil Geniuses has unveiled its new logo and jersey design as part of its rebrand.

Founded in 1999, the organisation has scrapped what many consider to be an iconic logo.

Evil Geniuses rebrand
Logo credit: Evil Geniuses

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As well as significantly changing its logo, Evil Geniuses has updated its player jerseys too. The newly-designed jersey is emblazoned with the new visual identity, with its jersey sponsors located on the stomach, collars, and arms of the garment. The organisation is partnered with Monster Energy, Xfinity, AMD, Twitch, NEEDforSEAT, Design By Humans, FVBET, and Razer.

Evil Geniuses was acquired by Chicago-based investment PEAK6 Investments in May, with Nicole LaPointe Jameson assuming the role of CEO at the organisation. Since then, it has adopted the slogan of ‘LIVE EVIL.’

Evil Geniuses 2020 Jersey
Photo credit: Evil Geniuses

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Rebrands are rather common in the world of esports, especially as companies and organisations look to update their identity to fit in with current digital trends. The likes of NRG Esports, Excel Esports, Complexity GamingMAD Lions, and ESL have all retained their names but changed their visual branding in 2019.

Esports Insider says: There’s an interesting line of thought to go down when it comes to the implications of changing a long-standing brand, especially when many consider it to be iconic. One thing’s for sure though, whether people like it or not, and that’s that this rebrand marks a significant new era in the legacy of Evil Geniuses.

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