G2 Esports receives $10 million investment from Joseph Tsai

Berlin-based organisation G2 Esports has received investment from Joseph TsaiOwner of Brooklyn Nets and Co-founder of Alibaba Group.

As reported by Forbes, the Canadian billionaire has made a $10 million (£7.6 million) investment in the organisation.

G2 Esports Joseph Tsai

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This investment from Tsai will see G2 Esports build an office in New York City in early 2020, allowing the organisation to have a presence in North America’s largest media market.

Along with North American expansion, the expertise of the Chinese market that Tsai possesses could see G2 Esports expand into the lucrative country, an area where esports is extremely popular.

Joseph Tsai
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Jens Hilgers, Co-founder and Chairman of G2 Esports had this to say regarding the challenges of expanding into China: “The biggest challenge for Western teams is to properly play to Chinese culture, to understand the true thinking and mentality of the Chinese audience. That’s something that we will pay a lot of attention to, but with the support of a Chinese owner in our group, hopefully it goes a bit easier.” 

In February, G2 received  €15 million (£12.6 million) in investment in a funding round which was led by Parkwood Corporation, Everblue Management, Seal Rocket Partners, Dan Gilbert, and Al Tylis.

Esports Insider says: The investment from Joseph Tsai looks to be the catalyst for expansion into the North America and Chinese markets for G2 Esports after doing rather well in Europe. Expect to see a lot more from G2 Esports from the partnerships and sponsorships front, as well as perhaps expanding into new titles, in the new year and beyond.

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