Spacestation Gaming and Tanner Fox collaborate with Hot Wheels

07 December 2019


North American organisation Spacestation Gaming has announced a collection with Mattel brand Hot Wheels in collaboration with Tanner Fox.

Fox is a Co-owner of Spacestation Gaming and content creator with over 9.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Hot Wheels Spacestation Gaming Car
Photo credit: Spacestation Gaming

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The collaboration sees Spacestation Gaming, Fox, and Hot Wheels release a co-branded car that will be available in stores at Walmart, Target, and other major stores stateside from early 2020. This is said to be the first instance in which Hot Wheels has worked with an esports organisation.

Other items to come from the alliance include a t-shirt, hat, mouse pad, lanyard, and a sticker pack. To coincide with the launch of the collection, Spacestation Gaming, Hot Wheels, and Fox wrapped an actual Porsche in the same design as the model car.

Spacestation Gaming Hot Wheels
Photo credit: Spacestation Gaming

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Sean Holladay, Co-founder of Spacestation Gaming commented on the collaboration: “We are super hyped on this collaboration and it’s something we’ve been working on for a long time. It’s the first time an esports organization + influencer has partnered with Hot Wheels to create a product that will be sold at major retailers. Huge thanks to Hot Wheels for making this car a legend and LUXE for making the car insane on the roads!”

The organisation launched Spacestation Mobile with content creators Lance “Powerbang” Frisbee and Tim “Ash” Evans in October, housing all of its mobile initiatives and operations. It currently fields teams in Paladins, Rocket League, PUBG Mobile, SMITE, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, and Shadowverse.

Esports Insider says: Spacestation Gaming operates differently from a lot of major organisations but it’s clear that it has a strong fan base and presence that affords it cool opportunities – such as working with Hot Wheels. Alongside Fox, the organisation and Hot Wheels have produced something pretty damn cool and having the product available in major chains is impressive on its own.

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