Astralis Group enters partnership with GLHF

Astralis Group has entered a partnership with online platform GLHF that has a sole focus on media and content.

Set for re-launch in March 2020, GLHF is a competition platform that allows fans to compete with others while watching events.

Astralis Group GLHF
Image credit: Astralis Group

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Initially launched as a joint venture between betting company William Hill and Gamingzone Entertainment, GLHF allows viewers to predict the outcome of matches that are played on-stream and, in return, earn experience points that can be spent on in-game items.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, Co-founder and CCO of Astralis Group discussed the partnership in a release: “We’re entering a commercial partnership with GLHF based solely upon our media activities, which is in line with our strategy around developing and growing our business as an esports media company. GLHF is a new esports audience competition platform where fans can compete with other fans on behalf of their favorite team. Besides the strictly commercial aspect, it’s a partnership that will enable us to further strengthen our team brands through engaging new media solutions for a growing number of fans around the globe.”

Astralis Group is the parent company of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive side Astralis, LEC team Origen, and FIFA brand Future FC.

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Along with the features on offer before the re-launch, GLHF will feature new behind-the-scenes content along with the sale of tickets to esports events.

Niklas Grawé, CEO of GLHF added: “Our ultimate goal is to introduce a digital esports platform that serves all fan needs and provides a new and scalable revenue channel to the teams. Whether it’s live games, behind-the-scenes content, player insights or tickets for the biggest events, we aim to be the go-to platform.”

Esports Insider says: Bringing in Astralis Group as a partner provides GLHF with a solid audience to reach across three popular titles, so this is a good move for the platform. For Astralis Group, however, it’s not clear exactly what it’ll receive from this deal so we cannot judge whether it’s worthwhile or otherwise.

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