Esports social platform eFuse opens its doors

06 January 2020


eFuse, a social media platform and “professional hub” for esports and gaming, has been launched.

Launched on January 2nd, the platform previously had an early access waiting list of over 23,000 people.

eFuse Launches
Image credit: eFuse

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Matthew Benson, CEO of eFuse told Esports Insider: “We are so grateful for the gaming community’s response to our launch. From influencers to amateur gamers, we have heard the excitement and are committed to growing the platform. Whether you’re a pro, a casual gamer, or anything in between, eFuse has a place for you.”

The platform aims to provide a place for “games and business professionals” to build their own digital portfolio, in turn using said portfolio to find opportunities and connect with others.

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eFuse is launching with the backing of entrepreneur Sundance DiGiovanni and internet personality Daniel “Keemstar” Keem. The company has also launched its ‘#FortheGamers’ campaign, a year-long initiative that offers 52 scholarships with 52 industry figures.

Keemstar also commented on the platform’s launch: “This website will connect every single aspect of gaming entertainment and allow us to communicate with one another to help further everyone’s career.”

Esports Insider says: LinkedIn already provides opportunities to connect with industry professionals in esports but it doesn’t have the social and gaming aspects that eFuse has – this could be the key to it picking up traction. Having the likes of DiGiovanni on board is a huge positive for the company, considering his knack for launching successful businesses. eFuse is one to keep an eye on.