FACEIT reportedly discontinuing ECS in favour of B Site

20 January 2020


Tournament organiser FACEIT will discontinue ECS in favour of producing a league code-named “B Site,” according to a report from DBLTAP.

If true, this development concludes eight seasons of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league that has ran biannually since 2016.

Photo credit: ECS

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Despite a supposed launch date set for March, there have been limited details about B Site beyond the working title of the league and Duncan “Thorin” Shields’ involvement.

Teams that have been reported to be in talks with B Site include Cloud9, MIBR, and Astralis, with the latter’s in-game leader Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander confirming talks but denying that his team had yet made any decisions about their 2020 plans.

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As confirmed in a video uploaded by Thorin, he has boarded the league both on-camera talent and Creative Director. As per the video, his involvement will involve having a say in the general direction the league when it comes to content, the overall tone of the broadcast and how it portrays the action, and how broadcast talent is utilised.

Thorin also explained that the league will take up between 10 and 12 weeks of the annual CS:GO calendar, teams won’t compete in each of those weeks, and teams that haven’t bought in can still qualify to compete.

Esports Insider says: There are a few new leagues emerging in the CS:GO scene in 2020 so it’s fair to say that B Site will be facing stiff competition when it comes to securing teams, gaining prominence in terms of viewership and impact, and standing out from the crowd.