Nerd Street Gamers joins forces with PlayVS for high school esports

15 January 2020


Philadelphia-based Nerd Street Gamers has established a partnership with high school esports platform PlayVS.

As part of the deal, Nerd Street Gamers has been named the broadcast partner of the PlayVS High School Esports Championships for 2020.

Nerd Street Gamers PlayVS
Image credit: Nerd Street Gamers

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John Fazio, Founder and CEO of Nerd Street Gamers discussed the deal in a release: “Competitive gaming starts at a young age. Together with PlayVS, we are fostering and publicizing inclusive competitive opportunities for young gamers across the country. We are creating a movement that develops camaraderie, teamwork, and communication skills through esports.”

Nerd Street Gamers will broadcast high school championship League of Legends and Rocket League on Twitch across 13 states. The action will start this month and last until early February.

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Delane Parnell, Founder and CEO of PlayVS also commented on the partnership: “Despite massive growth, many schools, students, and parents are unfamiliar with how high school esports actually works. We’re building a world of exciting opportunities for student engagement through esports. With our Nerd Street Gamers partnership, we hope to shine a light on this initiative and showcase these impressive students and their skills to a national audience.”

As well as hosting the Colorado League of Legends high school championship at its Localhost Denver facility, Nerd Street Gamers will produce video content surrounding championship events, game-winning plays, and the high school players that take part in such events.

Esports Insider says: Nerd Street Gamers made a number of great partnerships in 2019 and evidently it’s starting 2020 strongly, too. PlayVS has big plans, backed up by its huge $50M raise in September, so getting involved at this point is a clever move for NSG.

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