Tencent releases strategic plan for Honor of Kings esports

08 January 2020


Tencent has unveiled its strategic plans to develop the esports efforts of its mobile title Honor of Kings in 2020.

To accelerate the development of Honor of Kings’ professional ecosystem, six teams will establish home venues in Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing, Chongqing, and Guangzhou.

Honor of Kings Esports 2020
Image credit: Tencent

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When it comes to the semi-professional competition KPL G-League (KGL), six spots will opened for teams to qualify from a grassroots level. The league will also continue to feed talent into the professional King Pro League (KPL).

Besides developing the domestic professional ecosystem, Korea King Pro League (KRKPL) – the overseas division of Honor of Kings’ professional tournaments – will be upgraded to the King Pro League Global Tour (KPLGT). The new tournament will combine online and offline formats, with Malaysia being selected to host the offline tournaments.

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Additionally, Tencent will upgrade the World Champion Cup and Winter Champion Cup to become the global mobile esports events.

Yijia Zhang, Chairman of King Pro League commented on the plans: “For a mobile esports event that just developed for three to four years, it still maintains a very high-speed increase in the total viewership. This has proved that the development trend and momentum of mobile esports are full of potential. Now, we are going to take Honor of Kings to the next level and innovate ourselves to create more contents in the future.”

Esports Insider says: Tencent spent three years establishing this ecosystem and it’s widely believed that it has become the benchmark of the Chinese mobile esports scene. We are looking forward to seeing how Tencent can continue to growth of the Honor of Kings scene, considering the size it’s already at.

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