Gravitas drawn to sleep study partnership with Flinders University

12 February 2020


Australiam organisation Gravitas is the latest to partner with Flinders University to participate in its sleep study.

The study uses sleep tracking devices and mood measures, including anxiety and depression, to determine how well esports athletes around the world sleep, and the effect this has on their mental health and well-being.

Gravitas x Flinders University
Image credit: Gravitas

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Sean Callanan, Founder of SG Esports, spoke on the topic: “I’m looking forward to Gravitas players understanding the importance of sleep and how it can affect their performance for practice and on game days. I know it’s become a focus in traditional pro-sports, so esports should be following their lead.”

“It’s great to see our players get support from Daniel Bonnar on sleep as well as helping them prepare for the pressures of being on OPL stage. Additionally the team is excited to participate with teams like Gen.G, Ground Zero and Kanga Esports. Esports players are a competitive bunch. They are motivated to be the best sleepers across the study.”

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Initial results from Flinders University’s study have shown esports athletes are not getting the sleep to best support optimal mental health and performance, with many young adults aged 18-25 not sleeping for seven-to-nine hours per night.

Previous sleep projects and studies conducted in traditional sports have then correlated with improved athlete and front office performance.

Esports Insider says: Staying up all night playing video games is something many people do but it is not sustainable or healthy for those who have gaming as a full-time profession. No one can do their job to the best of their abilities and stay healthy while exhausted and the world competitive esports is no different.

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