Mineski Global partners with PCCL for youth esports program

26 February 2020


Mineski Global has established a partnership with the Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL) to launch the Youth Esports Program (YEP).

The program aims to “legitimize esports and integrate it” into schools’ sports schemes.

Mineski Global and PCCL launch Youth Esports Program
Photo credit: Franz Irorita

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Philippine Collegiate Champions League has a network of 200 schools in the Philippines, through which the program is looking to reach up to 1,000 teams. Youth Esports Program will comprise of the National Interschool Cyber League (NICL) and other scholastic programs that support grassroots esports and its development.

Marlon Marcelo, VP of Marketing for Mineski, will act as Commissioner of the NICL. StarCraft II player Caviar Napoleon “EnDerr” Marquises-Acampado and caster Em “Kaisaya” Dangla will serve as ambassadors of the youth program.

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Rey Gamboa, Chairman of Philippine Collegiate Champions League, commented on the venture: “This is the future of sports and competition. Esports is more inclusive than other sports and will help lead even more of our new generation to play competitively and responsibly in tournaments and engage in activities at par with the rest of the world.”

Youth Esports Program will include CSR Tours, an initiative designed to involve school administrators in educating students and parents on the career paths available within esports. There will also be a program on talent and team management, ran in partnership with Liyab Esports, to teach schools about effectively managing teams.

Esports Insider says: The scale of this program is huge and could drastically alter the esports landscape in the Philippines for years to come if implemented properly. With an integral hand in the launch of the Youth Esports Program, Mineski Global is boosting its considerable influence across Southeast Asia.

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