NACE enters strategic partnership with Skillshot Media

Not-for-profit association National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) has entered a strategic partnership with Skillshot Media.

A body for collegiate esports in North America, NACE will collaborate with Skillshot Media to provide collegiate competition, event production, and rights commercialisation.

NACE x Skillshot Media
Image credit: NACE

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Michael Brooks, Executive Director of National Association of Collegiate Esports, discussed the partnership in a release: “Skillshot Media powered our initial collegiate competitions for CS:GO, Smite, and other titles. After hearing our member school appetite for more competition, we considered many partners, and Skillshot was the clear choice for a strategic partner based on shared vision and capabilities. We are thrilled to offer more game titles and more live events, including collegiate Fortnite this spring and many more games to come in the fall.”

NACE consists of over 200 member universities which contribute over $16 million (£12.36 million) in esports scholarships for its respective students. Together, they’re hosting a spring collegiate competition that includes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite.

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Todd Harris, CEO of Skillshot Mediaadded: “NACE member schools are the true pioneers and thought leaders in collegiate esports, the schools who are committing scholarship dollars, coaches, and facilities, and are committed to positive and balanced outcomes for their student-athletes. We’re excited to partner with NACE to scale esports to colleges nationwide – more schools, more game titles, more events.

“With our infrastructure, production capability and publisher relationships we aim to provide value to participating schools, the competing teams, and also importantly our partnered game publishers. Beyond competition, together we are also developing governance and internship opportunities for students wishing to enter the esports industry.”

Skillshot Media joins MSI as a partner of NACE. In May 2019, the computer manufacturer became its official gaming laptop and monitor partner alongside offering educational workshops for NACE members.

Esports Insider says: Considering NACE’s pre-existing working relationship with Skillshot Media, this deal comes as a no huge surprise. It’s good to see more partnerships develop with big companies in the collegiate esports space, an area that’s being tapped for the next wave of playing talent.

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