Amuka Esports acquires tournament organiser Incendium Gaming

Amuka Esports has announced the full acquisition of Incendium Gaming, a tournament organiser in the fighting game community (FGC).

Amuka Esports, which creates localised esports hubs for casual gamers across North America, has made the acquisition as part of its mission to grow niche gaming communities.

Amuka Esports acquires tournament organiser Incendium Gaming
Logo credits: Amuka Esports, Incendium Gaming

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Incendium Gaming was founded in 2019, and has since hosted 20 events under its brand. It specialises in fighting games, such as Tekken 7, Street Fighter, and Dragon Ball FighterZ, and has been contracted to produce tournaments for the likes of GOML (Get On My Level) and World Gaming. The Canada-based company has also hosted events such as Armor Break, a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking event, and Electric Clash, a Tekken World Tour Challenger event.

Vince Hui, Co-Founder of Incendium Gaming, commented on the acquisition in a release: “My whole life I’ve had a passion for fighting games and sharing that passion with friends. So when we started Incendium, the goal was always to build the best possible community that catered to our loyal fighters while creating a welcoming environment for new gamers. Being part of the Amuka Esports eco-system will give us the ability to strengthen our current line-up events and expand to new markets we weren’t able to be in before.”

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Amuka Esports have invested heavily throughout the last few months, launching esports incubator Level SIX and acquiring both esports content and lifestyle brand Organized Gaming and Canadian esports venue Waves E-Gaming. This is not its first expenditure in the FGC either, having invested in AXL Gaming in November 2019.

Ben Feferman, CEO of Amuka Esports, stated: “The Incendium team exude a passion and love for fighting games that is infectious and their events create an energy that I’ve never seen before. We are so excited to be working with Vince, Drew and Roshawn in creating more world-class events.”

Esports Insider says: It may not have the same developer support as other esports genres enjoy, but no one can deny the fighting game community’s passion. Indeed, led by impressive independent competitions such as the Smash World Tour, the scene continues to grow, making the acquisition of Incendium a promising addition to Amuka’s growing portfolio.

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