ESPAT launches digital media licensing platform for esports

ESPAT Media Group, a producer and distributor of digital media focused on esports and gaming content, has launched a dedicated digital photo and video licensing platform.

The platform is ESPAT Media’s answer to further projected growth for esports industry revenue, supporting editorial subscribers and commercial partners in the field as advertising and sponsorship spending continue to increase.

ESPAT digital media licensing platform
Photo credit: Joshua Alfaro/ESPAT Media

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ESPAT, which stand for “Esports, Pixels, and Technology,” is a New York-based company that provides a platform to photographers and videographers with publishers, tournament operators, organisations, agencies, and sponsors. Founded in May 2018, this marks its first attempt at launching a digital licensing platform dedicated to esports.

Ed Brooks, CEO and Co-founder of ESPAT Media, spoke on the company’s aims: “We are focused on leveraging our team’s experience and technology to expand our partners’ distribution and become the definitive esports and gaming licensing platform.”

Currently, publishers and tournament operators either host media directly through their websites or use services, such as Flickr, to freely share content with their community. ESPAT’s partner program, however, aims to provide a new platform for both the distribution and monetisation of assets.

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Mario Prosperino, COO and Co-founder of ESPAT Media, commented on the company’s decision to fill a perceived gap in the market: “Our team is addressing the fragmentation of third party archives and the lack of real-time global accessibility.”

Through a subscription model, ESPAT is looking to provide users with a visual perspective that it claims is the closest substitute to attending an event.

Esports Insider says: The monetisation of esports assets will be a sensible step for many companies in the industry to take, and having a centralised distribution platform focused on esports could certainly make things easier for smaller tournament organisers and agencies.

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