Hitmarker enters strategic partnership with VaggasBR

UK-based esports and gaming job platform Hitmarker has entered a strategic partnership with Brazilian esports job platform VaggasBR.

The partnership will see the addition of Portuguese and Spanish language jobs to Hitmarker’s platform, while VaggasBR will have exclusive rights to promote the jobs across its social media channels.

VaggasBR Hitmarker
Image credit: Hitmarker

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Following closely on from Hitmarker’s expanded coverage to now include the wider games industry, the aim of the partnership is to make its platform the new home of gaming and esports jobs in the Latin American region.

Richard Huggan, Managing Director of Hitmarker, discussed the partnership in a release: “This partnership with VaggasBR has been a couple of years in the making. We’ve kept a close eye on the growth of Márcio’s Twitter account since its creation, and have been hugely impressed by his approach to gaining followers and serving them with the best possible content. We hope that partnering with us can give his VaggasBR brand the boost it needs to get to the next level.”

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As per the release, if the partnership proves to be successful, Hitmarker will set its sights on adding German, Dutch, French, Polish, and Scandinavian jobs before looking towards the Asian market.

Márcio Medeiros, Founder of VaggasBR, also spoke on the deal: “Attaining a platform for VaggasBR has been high on my priority list for a long time now and Hitmarker has always seemed like a potential solution. The guys at Hitmarker inspired my work with VaggasBR in the beginning and it’s a pleasure to be able to collaborate with them on a daily basis now. My hope is that this partnership will further solidify the reputation of VaggasBR in Brazil, which will allow me to expand the service to cover the rest of Latin America, as well as Portugal and Spain.”

Esports Insider says: Having been the website for jobs in the esports industry for quite some time now, it’s great to see Hitmarker further its expansion into the gaming industry as well as widening its offering to better include regions outside of Europe and North America.