Mineski Global hosts Lockdown Games fundraising event

Mineski Global is hosting a fundraising event, named the Lockdown Games, that has already raised 386,000PHP (£6137.01).

Mineski Global partnered with Philippine Collegiate Champions League, the national collegiate basketball league in the Philippines, to host the charitable event.

Lockdown Games by MineskiTV
Photo credit: MineskiTV

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Lockdown Games features Mobile Legends, Marvel Super War, Call of Duty Mobile, and Dota 2. Mineski aims to gather 1,000,000PHP to aid the Filipino front-liners in their battle against COVID-19.

Brands such as Mountain Dew, Republic of Gamers, Tostas, Enervon Activ, and Lost Continent have supported the Lockdown Games through donating towards the cause. Players from the Philippine Basketball Association are participating in the event, taking part in the aforementioned esports titles.

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Izo Lopez, Product Development Manager at MET Events, spoke on the event: “It was perfect timing because we were also looking to keep our community engaged during this time. As we developed the idea, we realized this is a great opportunity for gamers to contribute to public health efforts.”

Lockdown Games is streamed live on Mineski TV every Monday and Thursday between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm (GMT+8). The event will last until April 13th, with all donations going to the University of the Philippines Medical Foundation.

Esports Insider says: The coronavirus crisis has put both sports and esports calendar on a pause but, as we’ve seen in many different ways, it’s not stopping esports from bringing people together, providing entertainment, and raising funds.

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