New Zealand Esports Federation named national sporting organisation for esports

After assessment undertaken by Sport New Zealand, the New Zealand Esports Federation (NZESF) has been named the national sporting organisation for esports in New Zealand.

Having just completed a four-year process, New Zealand is said to be the 21st country to have a national body for esports.

New Zealand Esports Federation
Photo credit: New Zealand Esports Federation

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Now recognised as the governing body of esports in the country, the New Zealand Esports Federation now has clarity on education and guidelines regarding visas, tax statuses, and prize money distribution regulation for players.

One of the several objectives that the federation has is to help organisations that are operated voluntarily, enabling them to provide employment opportunities. Additional funding will see esports incorporated into schools and help with the development of New Zealand’s grassroots and professional scenes alike.

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Ben Lenihan, President of New Zealand Esports Federation, spoke on the decision in a release: “We are absolutely thrilled with this decision by Sport New Zealand. Recognition of the NZESF as the official National Sporting Organisation for esports is a key step in moving esports forward. With this official support we are able to help regulate framework around esports to ensure fair play for all, fund growth of the industry and provide education on what esports is and how New Zealanders can get involved.

“We can also begin to put in place a clear pathway from community groups and fun online play to young New Zealanders becoming esports professionals. We are confident that New Zealand can punch above its weight in esports, as it does in so many other sports.”

Esports Insider says: Now said to be the national body of esports in New Zealand, it’s going to be interesting to see how successful the federation will be in supporting esports at both grassroots and professional levels. If done correctly, this could well help esports continue to grow in the country and the wider region.

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