Newzoo partners with Dire Woves, Drop Bears, and N8 Esports

27 March 2020


Games and esports analytics provider Newzoo has partnered with investment firm Guinevere Capital‘s portfolio of teams.

Housed under the Esports High Performance Centre brand, LG Dire Wolves, N8 Esports, and Sydney Drop Bears are involved in the deal.

Guinevere Capital Newzoo
Image credit: Newzoo

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Much like Newzoo’s partnerships with other organisations, the Esports High Performance Centre will provide insights into the Australian esports scene. In return, its teams will receive “analytical support” from the cooperation.

Ben “Kai” Stewart, Head Coach of LG Dire Wolves, spoke on the deal in a release: “We are happy to be working with Newzoo for multiple reasons: They are a globally recognized and trusted brand when it comes to analytics into gaming and esports and will help us understand our audience better so we can continue to grow our brand and engage our community. It also helps us when talking to potential commercial partners, as the data that Newzoo provides gives an added level of reassurance when considering investment into the esports space.”

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Newzoo recently partnered with Excel Esports, a British organisation that received investment from Guinevere Capital in September 2018. The analytics firm is in similar deals with Newbee,  Team LiquidNinjas in PyjamasDetonatioN Gaming, and Astralis Group

Remer Rietkerk, Head of Esports at Newzoo, also commented on the partnership: “Guinevere Capital is an important investor in the esports space. Dave Harris, its Managing Director, has been a staple of the Oceania esports scene, and with their investment in Excel, Guinevere Capital has become an important player in multiple regions. Having data from multiple parts of the world helps deepen our understanding of the ecosystem and contributes to our accuracy globally. We’re very excited about what’s to come.”

Esports Insider says: Newzoo is doing a good job of securing partners from different regions to build a well-rounded collection of insights into the industry as a whole. Considering its recent partnership with Excel Esports, this particular deal is not particularly a surprise to us – it makes a lot of sense.