Rally Cry raises $1.2M, including from Blizzard, Riot Games founders

Gaming startup Rally Cry has raised $1.2 million (£979,002) in seed funding that includes investments from founders of Blizzard Entertainment, Twitch, and Riot Games.

Rally Cry is an esports platform for a more casual audience, aiming to “bring social and competitive gaming to all ages and skill levels,” according to a release.

Rally Cry raises $1.2M, including from Blizzard, Riot founders
Image credit: Rally Cry

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Rally Cry was co-founded by twin brothers Adam Rosen and Tyler Rosen, who had their first startup, Tespa, acquired by Blizzard Entertainment in 2013. Tespa, which was itself founded in 2010, established a collegiate network with over 1,200 participating colleges and over 100,000 students actively engaging in the platform and its tournaments.

Tyler explained the concept behind the launch of Rally Cry, stating: “There’s a tremendous opportunity to serve the millions of non-professional gamers out there looking for a more organized way to connect, play, and compete with each other. There are numerous organizations supporting the professional esports scene, and we’re excited to be the organization that serves everyone else.”

Chief among the company’s investors are Mike Morhaime and Amy Morhaime, Blizzard Entertainment Co-founder and former VP of Global Esports respectively, Kevin Lin, Co-founder and former COO of Twitch, and Marc Merrill, Co-founder and Co-chairman of Riot Games.

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Adam added: “We’re thrilled to have the support of Mike and Amy Morhaime, Kevin Lin, Marc Merrill, and all of our investors. Their experience building and supporting global gaming communities is invaluable. We look forward to leveraging their collective wisdom as we launch our programs this year and beyond.”

Other investors in Rally Cry include Andy Hyltin, Vice Chairman of CNL Holdings, Rich Newsome,  Partner at Newsome Law, Paul Mears, President of Hello! Destination Management, and Vincent Francoeur, former Head of Web & Mobile at Blizzard Entertainment

Rally Cry’s founders confirmed that “more details and specific programs” would be unveiled in the “very near future.”

Esports Insider says: When a project is attractive enough to unite founders of Blizzard, Riot Games, and Twitch at the investment table, it’s worth sitting up and paying attention. Clearly no one doubts the Rosens’ credibility, but replicating their pioneering feats in collegiate esports with the much more fragmented casual gaming space poses a daunting challenge.

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