TSM joins forces with Entity Gaming for Indian PUBG Mobile team

06 March 2020


North American organisation TSM has established a partnership with Indian organisation Entity Gaming.

The deal results in the formation of TSM Entity, a team that will compete in Tencent’s PUBG Mobile.

TSM Entity Gaming
Image credit: TSM

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TSM will lean on Entity Gaming to manage the team in India while providing its knowledge of esports in Europe and North America to help the venture “grow tremendously.”

Don Kim, Director of Esports Operations for TSM, spoke on the venture in a release: “TSM is looking to become a truly global brand with teams of all origins, united by competitive drive and spirit. This opportunity to enter the PUBG mobile scene with the #1 team from India is a massive step for the organization, and we’re very excited to have this chance to reach millions of new gaming fans and take this team to number one in the world.”

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Earlier this week, NODWIN Gaming was tapped by Tencent to organisation the PUBG Mobile Club Open and PUBG Mobile Pro League in South Asia. The company will assume responsibilities for match hosting, broadcasting gameplay, managing player and talent, league operations, and wider event management.

Neerav Rukhana, CEO of Entity Gaming, added: “We are deeply grateful to the Indian community which has showered their tremendous love on our players over the months. We understand that we have a responsibility with these levels of achievements, and that is to bring an international trophy home. We believe this partnership will be a monumental step in that direction. Our plans don’t just stop at PUBG Mobile, they will eventually touch other mobile games too.”

Esports Insider says: PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly a hit in Indi so seeing TSM follow the likes of Fnatic by entering the scene appears to be a clever move. The digital nature of esports allows for a truly global approach if the right people are in place to manage efforts in less-familiar markets, much like TSM is doing with Entity Gaming here.