Japanese government devises plan for esports expansion

The Government of Japan has announced plans to boost the economy through a major esports expansion, according to The Japan Times.

The government is set to team up with the private sector to improve regional economies, targeting benefits worth ¥285 billion (£2.15 billion) by 2025.

Japan Government Esports Plans
Photo credit: League of Legends Japan League


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The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will work with companies and legal experts to develop guidelines for promoting Japan’s esports industry. The country has an impressively-sized video game market and the ministry is looking to increase large-scale esports events in the nation.

The guidelines will also deal with legal issues related to game developers, such as intellectual property rights. Moreover, the ministry expects a rise in economic growth to come via advertising revenues and corporate equipment supplies.

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Konami and Bandai Namco are already building esports facilities in Japan. The former started to build a twelve-story esports complex in 2019, while the latter is yet to announce the opening of its esports arcade.

Countries such as United States, China, and Europe are notable players when it comes to large-scale esports events and Japan’s esports expansion plans have been devised to keep up with such nations.

Esports Insider says: It’s about time for Japan to make an orchestrated effort to become an even bigger player in the esports industry. With its technology, the country could well carve a name out for itself if plans are devised in a proper manner.

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