Amuka Esports announces private placement on DealSquare

Amuka Esports has announced the launch of its $500,000 (£406,000) private placement offering on DealSquare, a centralised digital platform to access capital within the private markets.

Amuka Esports, which creates localised esports hubs for casual gamers across North America, has made the offering in its pursuit of “aggressive expansion” throughout the continent.

Amuka Esports announces private placement on DealSquare
Photo credit: Amuka Esports

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Amuka Esports has been active in recent months, announcing the acquisitions of both tournament organiser Incendium Gaming and Canadian esports venue Waves Gaming earlier this year. The company will follow its private placement with an IPO, if it follows the plan it has set out of for itself.

Ben Feferman, Co-founder and CEO of Amuka Esports, stated: “Our goal is to take Amuka Esports public within the next year, and our seed round of financing on DealSquare will help us get there. Not only is it an effective platform for raising the money we need, it also provides our business with additional traction and exposure to investors.”

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DealSquare is a joint initiative between investment management services provider Silver Maple Ventures and NEO, an open-source, community-driven platform based on blockchain technology. It was launched in 2019 with the goal of making private markets more accessible and efficient.

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, Managing Director of DealSquare, was glad to work with Amuka: “We are delighted to have Amuka Esports listed on DealSquare. Esports is a rapidly-growing industry, and with roughly $2 billion of global investments expected in 2020, it represents a promising opportunity for the wider investor community.”

Esports Insider says: Amuka Esports’ rise has been meteoric, and a successful private placement could cement its status as a prominent esports player in Canada. It’s been interesting watching the direction that the company has taken over the past few months.

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