BBC Sport to broadcast Rocket League European Spring Series

BBC Sport will broadcast the Rocket League European Spring Series across its website, application, and BBC iPlayer.

The event will be shown live across BBC Sport’s properties on May 9-10th.

Psyonix announces Rocket League Spring Series
Image credit: Psyonix

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The Rocket League Spring Series is Psyonix’s reaction to challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with matches taking place entirely online. The tournament series takes place across four regions, with teams from Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America all competing.

The European Spring Series started with open qualifiers on May 5-6th. On May 9th, eight best-of-five matches will be broadcast with two teams being eliminated. On the following day, the playoffs will be concluded, including the best-of-seven final series.

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Ben Gallop, Head of Digital for BBC Sport, spoke on the decision in a release: said: “Rocket League is one of the most exciting Esports in the gaming world and to have the European Spring Series live on the BBC’s digital platforms is something we’re really pleased to be able to offer, especially for our younger audiences.

“BBC Sport is constantly evolving and a time like this gives us the chance to do even more with Esports, as well as looking ahead to see what’s possible in the future.”

Esports Insider says: It’s good to see BBC take on Rocket League with the absence of traditional sports, though it’d be better to see this continue once sports return. We assume decision would be reliant on viewers taking to the tournament kindly, which is something we’ll have to find out over the weekend.

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