FACEIT to control Rainbow Six Siege esports in North America

FACEIT has entered a multi-year deal with Ubisoft to design and control the North American esports ecosystem for Rainbow Six Siege.

The tournament organiser will work with the developer on every facet of the title in the region, from broadcasting and media rights, to event production and grassroots programs.

Rainbow Six North American League FACEIT
Image credit: FACEIT

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FACEIT will work on esports content, events, digital products, data, and media distribution for Rainbow Six Siege esports in North America. It will manage all of the events in the region; not just the recently-announced Rainbow Six North American League, but the US Division LAN program, Rainbow Six Majors, and the Challenger Leagues for the United States and Canada.

Che Chou, Senior Director of Esports for Ubisoft NCSA, spoke on the partnership in a release: “When we set out to create the new Rainbow Six Siege North American League, we searched high and low for a partner that could hit the aspirational editorial and production quality we required for an offline league. FACEIT stood out as an obvious choice given their deep industry experience and impressive content portfolio. Combined with their robust tournament platform, FACEIT brings the complete package of production expertise and technology to elevate Rainbow Six esports to the next level in North America.”

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The tournament organiser will create “unique and compelling content” in an effort to deliver “a fresh approach to storytelling and fan engagement while building a sustainable commercial model.” The aforementioned model will include program design, brand and data integration, content distribution, and broadcast production.

Michele Attisani, Co-founder and CBO of FACEIT, added: “We are incredibly excited to partner with Ubisoft and to help develop the Rainbow Six Esports structure in North America. This full service partnership will see us merging all verticals of what FACEIT has to offer. Developing competitive ecosystems has always been a core objective of FACEIT as we recognize that this is vital for building sustainable esports programs. FACEIT has always focused on delivering entertaining content for fans and opportunities for players of all levels and this is exactly what we are looking to achieve for the Rainbow Six community.”

Esports Insider says: This is a multi-faceted partnership, that’s for sure. It’s also a huge trust exercise for Ubisoft, effectively handing the control of the esport in North America over to FACEIT is a big step – FACEIT will undoubtedly feel a lot of pressure to make good of its word to improve the ecosystem in effectively every way.

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